German-Italian University Centre

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The German-Italian University Centre (Ateneo Italo-Tedesco – Deutsch-Italienisches Hochschulzentrum) aims at developing a bi-national network dedicated to higher education, scientific and technological cooperation between Italy and Germany, thus creating a link between the educational, cultural, economic and entrepreneurial systems of both countries.

Main objectives of the Centre will be the development of joint degree and PhD programmes; the exchange of students and teachers, the enhancement of commonly recognised degrees and the experimentation of new teaching methodologies and technologies.

Founders of this network are the University of Trento, the DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service), the CRUI and the HRK (the Conference of Rectors of Italian and German Universities respectively). The relevant Ministries of both countries support this initiative.

Governing body of the German-Italian University Centre is the Steering Committee, composed of three representatives of the academic world an one of the economic world of both countries. Representatives of CRUI, HRK, DAAD and the University of Trent take part to the Steering Committee with advisory vote. Representatives of the relevant Ministries take part to the Steering Committees as observers.